Forgot something...

Most of the venues have a sound system, but I have a portable set-up for the few that don't. Salt Lake was the first show I was responsible for the sound, so if I forgot anything Saturday night is when I was going to find out.

I was pretty meticulous about packing though, so I wasn't worried. I remembered to bring extra batteries for my guitar pedals, spare cables in case mine died or got slashed, and a hat and gloves in case the temperature dropped below 60 degrees. So I rolled up to Alchemy Coffee confident I hadn't forgotten anything that would, you know, prevent me from playing a show.

I unloaded my guitar and microphone, lugged my PA speaker in on a hand cart, and brought in my speaker stand and cables. I saw that I wouldn't be needing the extension cord I brought, and decided I would do without the stage monitor in this venue. Then I went back out to the car to get my mic stand. WHOOPS!

I guess we could have taped the mic to something, or had someone hold it the whole show? Luckily my buddy Peyton saved the day. He's also a musician, and I called him just as he was walking out the door, on his way to the show.  He rummaged through his closet, and found a mic stand!! All the creatures in the land rejoiced, birds sang in the trees, and Peyton's stand held the mic to our faces steady as Seattle rain.